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lube & smog center



  • Check Windshield Wiper Blades (Front & Back)

  • Check Windshield Wiper Fluids

  • Check All Exterior Lights

  • Check Vehicle For Any Fluid Leaks

  • Check Brake Fluid Level & Condition

  • Check Power Steering Fluid Level & Condition

  • Check Transmission Fluid Level & Condition

  • Check Antifreeze Level & Condition

  • Check Cooling System, Radiator, Pressure Cap, Hoses, Clamps, Water Pump, Thermostat & Heater Core

  • Check All Drive Belts

  • Check Air Filter & Breather Filter

  • Check Horn

  • Check Battery, Cables & Terminals

  • Check Differential Fluid Level & Condition

  • Check Shocks, Struts, Torsion Bars, Suspension Components, Bushings and Joints

  • Check CV Joints, Boots, Drive Axles, Drive Line Universal Joints

  • Check Brake Friction Material Rear & Front, Lines, Hoses & Fittings

  • Check All Tire Tread Depth

  • Check All Tire Conditions

  • Adjust Tire Pressure

* Includes Full Service Oil Change & Free Car Wash

* Plus Taxes & Disposal Fees 

* We Do Disel As Well 

* Up To 5Qts

Smog Check Station


Most vehicles in California are required to pass a Smog Check every two years for registration renewal. Your DMV Registration Renewal Notice will indicate if your vehicle needs a Smog Check. You may take your vehicle to any Smog Check station, unless it requires a Smog Check at a STAR station.

We also do Smog Checks for Disels as well.

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